Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amanina (outing)

In order to speedup Nina's walking ability, I often bring her to the children's park. 
It also serve as an exposure for Nina to meet up new friends and to try new things...
Note her smile

Her favorite play place

Nina always want to take up new challenges


[biasa lah tu. Bila kat luar, dia tak heran dah dengan abi dia]

She's still having problem to cross this part of the play house

"Nina, jalan laaa. Tak mau la menyarap..."

Bila time nak balik, Nina melarikan diri...Budak ni...

Friday, October 29, 2010


I tried to capture Nina smiling. It's harder than I thought
"Nina, senyum....Smile"

[senyuman tak ikhlas]

"Nina senyum laaahhh"

Senyum laaa

[lagi orang suruh senyum, lagi dia kuncupkan bibir dia]

"hepppp. Tak maula pegang henpon"

[iklan kat TV]

Nina (once upon a time)

I remember the good old days. Back when Nina was still so small
We could go to shops, lepak in cafes...Nina would keep quiet

At home she's no really mobile (yet)

Even with a walker, she doesn't move much. We felt blessed for Nina
But nowadays...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Amaninas (good morning)

The first morning all of us woke up at home (Ummi and Myra just came back from hospital).

"Assalamualaikum, Myraaa"

Nina cuba nak menjawab salam

Myra still asleep

Nina trying to digest the whole situation

"Nina nak susu?"

Nina and her 'awu' (selimut bucuk)

Myra still asleep

...Easily bored, Nina stood up

And tried to write something on the wall

"Wakawaka gugu" (Assalamualaikum semua)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Myra's 5th Day

Myra on her 5th day

Still sleeping even when I held her in my hands

'Power to the people' sleeping gesture

So cute 
The morning was breezy so we had to wrap her up. But she protested 
That face remind us of Nina

After a while, she's all comfy and cuddly again
[Dah bangun dah...]

Berbeza betul warna Myra dengan abi

Apanya muka pahittt jer tu?

Haus la tu?

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