Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Outing - 17 December 2

The next morning, we plan to go to Pavi KL. Before
that, we went to the McD to get some breakfast

Alhamdulillah, Myra had no problem to eat the breakfast
although she was still picky. Abi started to recall Myra's
eating preference to some model friends. Is this a sign? 

Umi busy entertaning Nina. Nina gave no problem to eat nowadays

...give her a box of nuggets and fries and look at she goes...

...while Abi busy trying to suap some fries to Myra...(sigh)

The princess. Really made it challenging for both Umi and Abi

Nina is so adorable

After breakfast, we went for a photoshoot in front of Pavi

It's kinda hard since Myra is so unstoppable

Waiting for our turn to take pictures in front of
the 'United Bear Buddy'

Once we got our turn, Amaninas pulak yang susah nak suruh fokus

Nina admiring the jewellery on display. Uh-oh.. 

While waiting for Umi from the toilet
p/s: Tomorrow: Lunch at The Loaf

Family outing - 17 December

Last Saturday, thanks to our twitter friends and family, we were able to hold another family outing to celebrate Umi and Amaninas. It has been a very hectic Dec and the girls needs to go out and have fresh air before the coming of 2012. So, we planned to go around KL (again)...
Nina checking the Christmas tree at KLIH lobby
 Umi booked the hotel since last week but when we arrived, we were told to wait for half an hour because the room wasn't ready yet. While waiting, Nina and Abi went around the lobby and checked out the Christmas decorations. There were 2 functions going on at that time and there were many people wanted to check in also.

Nina just can't hold herself at the stairs

Checking out the lobby perimeter

Meanwhile, the princess is under control

In the hotel room. Myra took the remote and switched
it on. Then walked around the room in her diapers.
Just like home...

After freshen up, Nina took the complimentary note pad and pencil
and started to write some kind of a ransom note

She wanted the latest Puss in Boots toys and lotsandlotsof
toys for Christmas

After checking in, we went to Suraya Seafood in Kg. Baru
for dinner and waiting the rest of #Celakaparty
After settling down, we went out for dinner at Kg. Baru. The only place that Abi could think of was Suraya Seafood where he met @PAPASKIZO once. Turned out, the some of the #Celakaparty tweeps would like to join us so after 1 hour, @JantanCelaka, @Tyraz_ , @mas_IFP and @psychedelique joined us.

There were so many people at the restaurant but luckily
the service was good. The food was good too
Myra gave a hard time to feed. She's on that phase
where her plate needs to be clear of anything except
plain white rice

With @tyraz_ who came with @JantanCelaka and @_psychedelique
Had coffee at BB. Listening to the live band. @mas_IFP was also there

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