Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Outing - 17 December 2

The next morning, we plan to go to Pavi KL. Before
that, we went to the McD to get some breakfast

Alhamdulillah, Myra had no problem to eat the breakfast
although she was still picky. Abi started to recall Myra's
eating preference to some model friends. Is this a sign? 

Umi busy entertaning Nina. Nina gave no problem to eat nowadays

...give her a box of nuggets and fries and look at she goes...

...while Abi busy trying to suap some fries to Myra...(sigh)

The princess. Really made it challenging for both Umi and Abi

Nina is so adorable

After breakfast, we went for a photoshoot in front of Pavi

It's kinda hard since Myra is so unstoppable

Waiting for our turn to take pictures in front of
the 'United Bear Buddy'

Once we got our turn, Amaninas pulak yang susah nak suruh fokus

Nina admiring the jewellery on display. Uh-oh.. 

While waiting for Umi from the toilet
p/s: Tomorrow: Lunch at The Loaf


lily abd ghafar said...

love nina's fringe!

tapi lagi suka tgk dia pakai scarf bunga tu....

muah amaninas!

Irwan said...

thanks lily!

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