Friday, August 19, 2011

A short video of the Amaninas for today

Somebody asked. So we share a short one:
Abi nak ambik video Myra. Tetiberrrr jer Nina datang...Jeles lettew

an ode to UMI

How can I describe
These feelings for you,
I kept on denying it
But I know it's true.
Although I hate
My condition now,
I get very soft
With you somehow.

You are a very
Special person to me,
In a way that no one
Had ever be.
Don't say that I,
I'm lying to you.
You've listened to my heartbeat
You KNOW it's true.

So hard may I
Look from the outside,
If you lean a lil bit closer
You'll see I'm mild.
So please tell me
You are here tonite,
Help to live up the feelings
That I thought had died.

Oh please help me
With this mess I'm in,
A place so strange
I have never been.
It is so bright
And it's hurting my eyes,
But I guess it don't matter
With you by my side.

Don't turn your back
On this hope right here,
If you give me a chance
Then you'd know I'm sincere.
Coz no matter how
This sounds to you:
I AM truly, madly, deeply,
In love with you...

~en route to sg gadut, seremban via ktmb, 15th Ramadhan 915pm. Lapar.
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