Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hectic Day 2

 ...But Nina did not sleep JUST LIKE THAT. Nope. She went on a rampage first and only when she's exhausted, I could snap these pictures. Look at her being sleepy but still wanna sit watching the TV

"Wakawaka gu-gu" (nak susu)

[tengok iklan]

"Nina nak air, ye?"

The Hectic Day

"Ga-ga wakawaka mi?"  (ummi mana?)

"Ga-ga wakawaka mi?" (Abi, elak keta depan tu)

[balik kang aku mandikan budak ni...]
"Heheheh"  (mandi? tak mau!)
That day, ummi had to be admitted to prepare for operation tomorrow. The same day, Nina and I sepnt the night together without the Ummi (1st time). These pictures were taken on our way back to the headquarter (home). Both of us prayed Ummi will be OK.

Well, at least I did...Nina? Look..

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