Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amaninas, dancing infront of the TV

One of the many things that I love watching Amaninas is when there's a commercial being aired on the TV, or the singing part while watching their favorite cartoons. It usually starts with Nina standing and flexing her small fingers as if ready to dance. Then she starts humming to the song or mimicking the actions she sees in the screen. And while doing all these, her eyes are glued to the tube.

Myra after seeing how excited Nina is, would then copy her. Myra usually starts singing her own song (not even close to the one's playing), then jump or squat around as if trying to dance.

At times these two creatures would bump into each other and laughters would follow. Usually it's tears. But it's always fun watching these sisters noting a song means dance and dance is fun.

*I remember the time when Nina would dance hysterically whenever she hears Shakira's Wakawaka song. Is this a trend? Hmmm...

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