Monday, March 19, 2012

I love you Amaninas

The Amaninas; Amanina Zahra and Amanina Humaira. The 'kakak' and the 'Aya'. The 'heyp' and the 'ahhh'. Our lovely daughters. Out princesses. Our kur'ata' aini. Our strength. Our weakness.

Each day we watch you guys grow. Tease us with your antics. Make us mad, yell, sleepless. We love you guys. We know we couldn't give you much, but we hope you guys find it enough.
Can't express how wonderful it is to just watch you guys tear the house down. Climb the stairs, jump from the sofa, mess the dvd's or destroy the cryptic code ummi's been trying to convey with the fridge magnets. And at free time to wet my hands washing your asses and changing your diapers. I remember one time how we just went inside the car to go out for dinner when ummi discovered that Aya pooped. Had to return home and phew...

Anyway, you guys are growing up so quickly and ummi and I might miss the times when we could still kiss your foreheads goodnight or pat your back when you cough during sleep. But until that time comes, we're gonna enjoy being your parents.
We love you. Always remember that.

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