Friday, October 22, 2010

Myra 3rd Day

Relaxing after feeding

Nak bukak mata pun tak larat dah

Kalih-kalih, bergolek-golek kepalanya

Tapi bila taruk kat tilam jer, mata terus open

Dan ushar jer [nak dukung lagi laa tu]

"Amanina Humaira..."

Alalala..tangan comel
Meanwhile, Nina is still on her occasional tantrum spree

She's only quiet when the adverts are on air

Or when playing with her cubes..
Ummi is still in hospital...Both of us (Nina and I) hope that Ummi will get well soon and come home (with Myra)

1 comment:

~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...

kiutnyeee...alololorr...mau cubit2,aci? chikuuuuu chak~! ;)

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