Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Myra

Birthday girl and organizer
Look how lovingly a mom feeding her daughter?
The cake. Abi couldn't consume it. Too much cream
Nina just focused on the colorful creams
and the rest of the cake, she tried to make an omelette
Myra, birthday girl
The Amaninas. They kept me busy throughout the weekends
Myra chak. Loves driving Abi to the wall

Today is Myra's birthday. She's a year now. Umi said; she could still remember how Myra twist and turned in her belly.

Abi planned to publish the photo's next week, but thanks to Myra's and Nina's Godmother; @mas_IFP and @naj81190 , Abi sent some pix today. Thanks to all for the warm birthday wishes and doa's.

Oh, by the way, today Myra managed to climb the stairs on her own. Same like her sister, Nina, no matter how many times we (abi and Umi) 'ahh, ahh!' her, Myra still wanted to climb. She climbed twice. And much much faster than Nina did when she was one.


lily abd ghafar said...

happy 1st birthday myra!

Irwan said...

thanks, Lily...

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