Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Somehow, last Saturday we went to KL

My princess, sound asleep during the journey

At The Mines night market. Notice Nina's new Angry Bird bag

..can't take the bag offa her..

While Umi took a nap, Nina and Abi went out for a walk
around Bukit Bintang


Myra was still sleeping...

Nina can take our meal. But we can't even touch her nuggets

My girls. Nina is quickly becoming Umi's little friend


lelyanashaari said...

Nina was sooo cute. How old is she? Looking at ur love and affections to family, I've a potential to pray for ur happiness.

May Allah blessed all of you. Btw, Myra tido mata terbukak sikit, it means that she's naughty! :)

Irwan said...

A) Nina is 2 years old.
B) Memang, Myra nakal and we're hoping it's just a phase. Nina dulu pun camni gak...

Amin. Thank you for your kind prayers

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