Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amaninas at Kompleks Tepian Gelanggang, Paroi

Nina sampai-sampai jer terus ke faveret terbarunya

Myra still getting to familiarize herself with the obstacles

Most of the time Myra merangkak ajer. Same like Nina
memula dulu. So cute

One thing; Myra dah pandai main gelungsur

...trying all the games. (note the karat at that steel!)

When Playhouse got too crowded, Abi brought them
to the tracks for some jogging..

Welcoming new participant to the track...

Myra still hasn't have a clue of what is going on...

Berenti sekejap, minum air seteguk

While Nina is enjoying herself

Bening a good sister, Nina tried to teach Myra on how
to enjoy the track

After a while, Myra gets the hang of it

Umi and Nina. 

Abi and Myra

Nina and Myra, nak mula lumba lari


*Videos will be posted around 1pm today*

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