Monday, March 12, 2012

Myra's medals

Nina got stitches at her chin. Now it's Myra's turn. Initially, she bumped her head at the sofa's edge and pricked the edge of her left eye. Dah rupa cam panda dah.

Then 2 days later, she somehow fell during running around on the tarmac. As the result, she got some scratches on her forehead, nose and some on the upper lips. Dah tak comel dah rupanya.

Even after all those, Myra's aggresiveness don't seem to subside. In fact she's even more active, exploring the backs of sofa and furnitures, putting bigger things into her mouth and starts singing. Almost everyday Nina and her would break the long sought silence Umi and Abi been looking for with their singings (in weird languages)

Hopefully Myra's hyper X will reduce like what happen with her sister Nina. Nina nowadays is so adorable. And that is a different story...

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