Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amaninas in the hood

The kids in the neighborhood 
This is the 'abang' where Amaninas is being baby-sit

Seems like the boys are attracted to Nina...

Of all of the boys, this one is a bit obvious...hmmm

Nina and friends playing street soccer


Adam, the local gangster, always act as the captain

The girls among the bunch

Amazingly, Myra was the one who came home first...

...followed by Nina

...and that boy I was talking about...

Nina focusing on some ants

Myra trying to take a ride on Abi...

Nina trying to put her shoes at the rack. "Jangan sepahkan!"

Myra also. But she's more into RE-arranging things..

The result

"Hei! Dah bukak kasut, jom laa masuk!"


That's that boy again...


Faizal Rahman said...

Syou juga layan gambar.

Irwan said...

Kalau suka gambor lagi, sila ke blog gua yg hardcore sikit:

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