Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amaninas when they are asleep

After a whole day of rrunning around, screaming, wiping those asses, finally it's time to sleep. The routine starts with lights off. Myra and Nina will automatically look for their bantal busuk and awu respectively. Once found, they'd assumed their positions on the tilam spread at the living room, in front of the TV.

If there aint any ads on the tube, Myra will roll around the bed, checking the whole perimeter for cool spots, or anything that will distract her from the TV. Usually she'll endup underneath the two seater sofa or under the TV rack.

Nina oon the other hand starts to loook for Abi's handphone and start playing games. She likes playying prreschool kids games like coloring, fixing blocks in its places or smashing bottles in Bottle Shoot.

Myra would fall asleep once she got her bottle of milk. Nina inherited Abi's insomniac where she doesn't sleep. She just black-out.

Abi loves watching Amaninas sleeping. Like now. Myra with sweat all over her forehead and Nina's face, it's calming just staring at them.

This alone, can make Abi forget about how hectic the day was.. Thanks, Amaninas, thanks, Umi. Thanks, ALLAH. ALHAMDULILLAH

My daughters...

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